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Liffey Falls/Liffey Forest Reserve

Liffey Falls State Reserve is nestled within temperate rainforest within the Great Western Tiers mountain range. The reserve sits in the cool rainforest on the slopes of the tiers. Tasmanians often debate whether Liffey or Russell falls are the most beautiful. The Liffey River rises on the northern edge of the Great Western Tiers and plunges through dense rainforest of myrtle, sassafras and leatherwood. It runs over spectacular waterfalls before reaching rich northern farmlands and joining the South Esk River.
There are two reserves on the upper reaches of the river, with picnic and barbecue facilities as well as excellent short walks through the forest. To reach the waterfalls, you can either turn off the Great Western Tiers Trail (B54) at Carrick or take the C513 through the townships of Bracknell and Liffey to the Liffey Falls State Reserve; or turn left in Deloraine on the Lake Highway (A5) then take the Riversdale Road to the Liffey Falls Forest Reserve. In 1989, the Liffey Falls State Reserve was included in the World Heritage Area, a tribute to the globally significant value of the region. The area has a rich human heritage and a geomorphology that reflects the forces, which shaped the landscape over the past 250 million years.

C513, Liffey, TAS, AU

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